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A little about the man behind the curtain...

First off, thanks for your interest in GST Electronics!
We are a small, family ran shop consisting of myself, Greg, and Sarah, my wife.
(I'm trying to get our daughter into it, but she's NOT interested.. yet)
I do the tweaking and building, Sarah does all of the real work.

In 2011, I ordered a mod kit from an online retailer that claimed his mod would make
the pedal I had sound like a "Marshall amp in a box".. well, I like Marshall Amplifiers just
as much as the next guy.. but that's just it.. I didn't want to BE just like the next guy.
I wanted to sound like ME. I wanted MY Tone.. I got the kit and performed the mod.
It was a pretty good improvement over what it was before.. but it didn't match what I had
in my head.. and certainly not a Marshall amp in a box.
I knew at that point that I would need to do it myself if I was ever going to be satisfied.
For the next 6 to 8 months, I studied all forms of amplification, tone stacks, PCB design, etc..
The main goal I was trying to reach was understanding the basic concept of an analog
transistor amplifier circuit. Once I understood that I was able to focus on HOW I wanted that amplifier to sound.
Tinkering here and there with a couple of pedals I already owned, I purpously went to "GC"
to purchase a used Boss DS-1 with the idea of either making it the sweetest DS-1 ever, or a
piece of shit in the bottom of the parts drawer.

Once satisfied that modding was only holding me back, I purchased a breadboard, soldering
station, and an assortment of resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, etc, etc..
I located a half dozen schematics from various sources on the web and proceeded to build any
circuits that I had enough parts for to figure out how it all came together.
Why did this one sound different than this other one?
Then I got to thinking, what if I were to take this portion of this circuit, eliminate part of
THIS one, insert a cap here, on and on until I was confident enough to apply what I'd learned
to paper and see what I could come up with.

The absolute first full circuit built on my breadboard was the Electro Harmonics "Big Muff".
The circuit that has been beaten to death by every single pedal maker on the planet, and it
keeps on ticking. (the "AsSiD Boost" and "Roach Clip Custom" are based on this design)
I spent the first few weeks testing different single transistor boosters. I purchased
capacitence and resistor decade boxes to make swapping parts easier.
Then I found a "cheap" Oscillioscope that worked. I'm not sure how I survived without it.
A visual representation of what I was hearing.. yep. I'm doing this.

Each pedal design is a direct result of the dedication and time spent learning this craft, and
applying it to the best of my ability.
They are a reflection of my personality, my passion, my attitude towards music in general, and
my love of Rock-n-Roll.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you,

Greg Braun
GST Electronics


2013 ~ 2017 GST Electronics