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Geminus Negotium

GEMINUS: (Jem'In'Us) Latin; Double\Twin
NEGOTIUM: (Neh'Go'Tee'Um) Latin; Trouble\Pain

When I developed this circuit, I liked it so much I decided to put two in one pedal.
I liked the lower gain settings while adding a bit of brightness to really clean up
the signal. Backing off of the "Fact" knob, I was able to get a super bright
tone while giving it a bit of saturation. (think HIWATT cranked, with the gutar
volume way down)
Ok, Great. I have my Rhythm tone, what about lead?
With Bright switched to the left side, that left me free to crank up the "Fiction"
control and dime both Level and Gain. With the "Fact/Fiction" control at 10, this
presents a heavily mid-scooped sound, more like a Mesa/Boogie amplifier.
Wow, how confusing is that??
The jangly live Who sound, and at the stomp of the switch, Metallica at full volume.

What's not to love about that??

Half of the clipping circuit is a pair of 1N914 silicon diodes in an asymmetrical
configuration, with the other half being a 3mm Red diffused LED.
The signal going into the tone stack was strong enough at full gain that
I decided to place the LED into each "Eye" of the twins.

Not only is this cool as hell to look at when jamming, but it gives the added
benefit of knowing exactly which side is active, and how strong the gain is.
The stronger the gain is, the brighter the LED.
There is also an indicator LED to show which side is currently active.

- 100% Hand Wired
- True-Bypass Switching
- Bass and Treble combined into a single control (Fact/Fiction)
- LEVEL - sets the amount of signal input
- GAIN - sets the amount of, yep, Gain.
- VOLUME - controls the output level to your amp
- 2.1mm Negative Center DC Input for 9 - 18v of DC power
- Single 9v Battery
- 1590DD Acid-Etched Aluminum Case
- Painted, Polished, or BOTH!
- Optional Colors for LED Gain Indicator*

*Different color LED's will change the gain slightly. Red is recommended.

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:: VIDEO ::

1. Geminus Negotium Video Demo - 1

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